John W. Adams is a retired teacher who lives in Ventura County. He worked for LAUSD from 1996 to 2009 teaching History and spent six and a half years in litigation with LAUSD for return of payroll he claims he never owed, but which LAUSD inexplicably won due to corruption in the Los Angeles County Court system.  In fact, LAUSD owed him money.  

In 2010, Mr. Adams co-authored with Leonard Isenberg of a Perdaily article entitled, "The Cozy Relationship of UTLA and LAUSD".  Mr. Adams also made a number of supportive comments on since 2010, and inspired his Canadian friend to write a lengthy response as to the 2010 article "Adams vs LAUSD Revisited".  As such, Mr. Adams Canadian friend Michael predicted correctly the corruption within the US court system, not long after the LAUSD payroll debacle lawsuits were filed.  Finally, Mr. Adams is a recent adherent to Maura Larkins' San Diego Educational Report ( which mirrors many of the same problems, including Corruption within the California civil court system that has articulated so well over the years.